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The Future of Primary Care (and the Future is Now)

What do people need from their primary care doctor/practice? These are our goals at Pando: To deliver all of these with a kind heart.

        (1) Rapid access
              a. In person when necessary
              b. Via phone or email on an ongoing basis

        (2) Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring of acute and chronic problems with the current BEST practices

        (3) Close Follow-up after acute illnesses, ER visits; referral to superior specialty care when needed

        (4) Preventive Care
              a. Prophylactic Medicines, Screening Tests (Mammograms, Colonoscopy)
              b. Lifestyle Advice, Behavior Change Advice and Guidance with follow-up support

        (5) Meeting of non-medical needs
              a. Physical (Basic exercises for balance, body pains; medicines when appropriate; referral to the right person with the appropriate philosophy at the right time)
              b. Emotional (Time, Listening, Advice when asked for)
              c. Spiritual (Con…
Recent posts

Going Deeper

What I am trying to create at Pando is a "Better way to feel better". By this, I mean a true way to be better not a band-aid solution. I find many of the pharmacologic solutions to chronic medical problems to be band-aids and NOT real solutions. This is, of course, not always true (i.e. antibiotics for acute infections). However, in the case of treating chronic heart disease, the wide variety of neurologic conditions, chronic pain of all varieties, depression, chronic insomnia and many of the other challenges in the modern medical world, we are not creating healing with our usual "pharmacologic-only"solutions if they are done in isolation. The following NY Times article clearly addresses and clarifies this major issue in regard to treating depression.

So what does "going deeper" look like? How do we help people in a more profound, more healing manner? First, we have to know and understand them. What do they believe? What hits their buttons? Are they help…

Creating Your Dream

Have you ever known someone who does not have any inhibition about being him/her self? They are free to speak their mind with anyone or in any situation. They do not attempt to hurt people or push their values on them but merely speak what they believe without censor. They are free.

That can be you. Think of the freedom and space that that creates. To be sensitive and compassionate but simultaneously open and uninhibited. This is what is available to all of us if we come to know ourselves, our conditioning and our consciousness and CHOOSE to break through our walls and be our own true selves. Now we are talking real health.

The Gift

Why "Long" Visits??

"The world is won by those that let go"

                                                           Lao Tzu

One thing I value above all others in my new medical practice is making time and space for longer office visits. Of course, this is not always necessary; sometimes, people need an antibiotic for a straightforward infection or a rapid solution that modern medicine and pharmacology can certainly provide.

However, when an issue is long-standing (years or decades) and is "locked-in" to the individual's body, psyche and life, then time is essential to go deeper into the roots and core of the challenge and explore it with a new spirit and approach. By going slow and allowing a client to lead the journey while I listen and clarify, I believe with all my heart that those "locked in", sabotaging conditions can be seen with new eyes and the ice can be melted and the "stuckness" resolved.

This is the path to healing and helping chronic il…

And the Sky Opened Up....

The art of being yourself at yourbest is the art of unfolding your personality into the person you want to be...Be gentle with yourself,learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, for only as we have the right attitude toward ourselves can we have the right attitude toward others.”Wilferd A. Peterson (1900-1995)

Short Version

My last post was a long, profound discussion on the feeling of inner strength as described by Buddhist author, Rick Hansen. It was a beautiful (but long) description of changing internally. I fully realize that our world does not want such a long discussion. We want feeling and we want it to arise quickly and with strength and power. 
To me, the feeling comes from inside and spreads throughout my body and is a combination of feeling proud of myself on my own terms and connected to others unconditionally. 
Getting to this place is actually not difficult. It is really an internal state and external choice. It does NOT require a big effort or event. It seems too simple but it rings true for me.